Jennifer Lopez a Mommy Today?


Rumor has it that Jennifer Lopez may be delivering her twins in Long Island, NY today. Considering how long it took her and husband Marc Anthony to announce their pregnancy, we may be in for a long wait as to confirmation for the validity of this rumor!


Friday February 22 just after midnight Jennifer Lopez gave birth to her twins. Her baby  girl arrived first, weighing 5 pounds, 7 ounces.  Her baby boy arrived 15 minutes later weighing 6 pounds.  Now I can’t wait to find out the names she gave them!


Rickie Lake On Larry King Live

Rickie Lake will be speaking about her new documentary, The Business of Being Born tonight on Larry King Live.  Tune into CNN to check it out.

Vaccinations And Your Child

I was speaking with my midwife one day about HPV, and we got on the subject of the Vaccination Gardasil. I told her that I felt it was in vain because Gardasil only protected the girls from a few of the many types of the virus. My midwife agreed and then she went on to tell me about young healthy girls who had died the day after receiving the injection. .

About ten years ago, I met this woman in the health food store. She was holding her son, whom seemed to old to be held. The way she was talking to him was confusing to me. She must have seen the puzzled look on my face, and went on to explain, “My son is autistic”.

She was really quite personable, so I started asking questions. She went on to say his type of autism was brought on by his immunizations. This stuck in my head, and each time I see something on vaccinations, I like to find out all the facts.

I am not a doctor, but I do like to educate myself. HERE is a link to an article by Dr. Mercola on the Hepatitus B Vaccination.

A very enlightening article with more information is by Alex Loglia on “THE HOUR OF THE TIME” which you can read by clicking HERE.

Whatever a parent decides is his or her choice. It is best to make an informed choice, by checking out different sources. I don’t want anyone to put anything into my child if I don’t know exactly what it is, and what are the possible side effects.

Underarm Sensitivity From Deodorant While Pregnant

Being pregnant, I am subject to all kinds of new sensitivities. I have been meaning to get away from commercial deodorants because of the aluminum they contain. It was something I was feeling guilty about using even before I became pregnant.

I tried the deodorant stone, and other natural deodorants on the market. I even tried a deodorant from Lush.  They worked about three days until my body built up an immunity to them.  I don’t mind perspiration, I just don’t want to have an odor. The funny thing is, I don’t eat meat or really any animal products. No refined to minimal refined sugar and I still have an odor. Being pregnant with those raging hormones the odor was worse than ever. I was showering twice daily trying to get clean. I was only applying my commercial deodorant in the mornings, but this specific brand would last until the next morning. Which, you’d think would be a good thing right? Well, I started getting really itchy from it. At night before bed, it was the worst. This is really embarrassing to tell the world but when did that stop me before? I would take both my hands and scratch under my arms vigorously like a monkey. Ahhhh, some relief.

One night my husband caught me scratching my underarms in this way and said, “Oh sweetie, you are so funny and so cute trying to make me laugh by acting like a chimpanzee!”chimp armpit

I forced a laugh, and said, “I thought you would like that.” Only problem was, I wasn’t trying to be cute!

The next morning I did a search on the internet for “natural deodorants” I didn’t really come up with much. Then this idea popped into my head to use baking soda. I thought, well, it’s safe to brush your teeth right? There is no aluminum in baking soda, and people eat it in their food all the time. I wasn’t going to eat it, just apply it to my body. I searched the internet again, and saw many people raving about it’s use as a deodorant. I grabbed my trusty box of Arm & Hammer put a little water under each arm, put on a small amount of the baking soda under each arm it worked better than any deodorant I ever used! It’s been a few months now and my body has not built up a resistance to it. I have no odor, or annoying itching anymore.

Destination Maternity’s Expert Advice Area

If you are like myself, you have many questions about being a Mother. I just received an e-mail from Destination Maternity about their Expert Advice Panel.

Destination Maternity’s Expert Advice Area

We’ve put together a team of top experts on topics new moms need to know about… Labor and Anesthesia, Relationships, Work-Life Balance, Infant and Child Development, and more.

Here, you can read frequently asked questions or ask a new question of your own. You’ll even get an email back when our expert answers your question!”


It looks like a terrific resource for Pregnant Women, Expectant Fathers, Fathers and Mothers. You can check it out HERE.

Writing a Birth Plan

Just exactly is a birth plan?

A birth plan is a written plan that states your preferences for childbirth during labor and then following the delivery.

  • Do you wish to have a natural childbirth or use anesthesia and or pain medication?
  • How often would you like to monitored?
  • Who will cut the umbilical cord and when?
  • Do you wish to breastfeed immediately?
  • Do you want to keep the baby with you at all times?
  • Circumcision Preferences?
  • How much interference would like or not like from your doctor or nurse midwife?

There are so many things to think about. The birth of your child is one of the most important events in your life. Why not make a plan?

If you would like some help in creating your birth plan, try out the easy birth plan creator by clicking HERE.

Don’t be too concerned if things don’t go the way you had planned. A plan can always be flexible, but it’s best to be prepared the best that you can.

Baby Wearing – A Chic and Healthy Alternative to Strollers

Keri Russell and Jen Garner Playdate

It’s exciting to see Keri Russell wearing her baby. The baby looks so content in this picture. She is transporting her child through the city along with Jennifer Garner and baby Violet with minimal effort. Thankfully there has been a surge in popularity for baby slings.

Wearing your baby in a sling is nothing new. In fact, women have been wearing their children all over the world for hundreds of years.

Laura Simeon MA, MLIS at The Natural Child Project lists:

Ten Reasons to Wear Your Baby

  1. Wearing a baby is convenient.
  2. Wearing a baby promotes physical development.
  3. Babies worn in slings are happier.
  4. Baby-Wearing is healthy for you!
  5. Toddlers appreciate the security of a sling.
  6. Baby-Wearing helps you and your baby to communicate with each other.
  7. Slings are a bonding tool for fathers, grandparents, and other care givers.
  8. Slings are a safe place for a child to be.
  9. Slings are economical.
  10. Baby-Wearing is fun.

To read the complete article at The Natural Child Project click HERE.

There are many different styles to choose from in baby carriers. You can even make your own. I predict we will see a lot more baby-wearing in the future.