Why is Pregnancy Such a Bad Thing?

I am currently nine months pregnant. OK, pregnancy is difficult, but I love it! I can hardly wait to see my baby. The problem I am having however is that my joy and excitement is often quelled by the dirty looks I receive from people. Yesterday my husband was taking me for a walk, trying to get my labor moving and an older couple drive by us, I go to smile and the woman looks at me like I am filthy. This happens each time I am out in public.

I am in the best relationship of my life, married to the man of my dreams and at the end of a planned pregnancy. When I told people I was pregnant, even my family they said “Are you happy about it? I didn’t know if I should say congratulations or not.” What! It is a planned pregnancy, and even if it was not planned, it’s a baby what is not to be happy about? I think congratulations should always be in order. This pregnancy was a second attempt after a very disappointing miscarriage so it is an especially happy time for us.

The funny thing is, I am in my mid thirties, over the moon happy about the pending birth of my child and I get treated like a teenage unwed mother. Even if I were a teenage unwed mother, why look at a woman like she is dirty for bringing a child into this world? Babies are innocent and pregnancy is a beautiful thing. Of course in a perfect world teenagers would abstain from sex, but we all know our world isn’t perfect.  Why would anyone want to place undue stress on a pregnant woman when it’s after the fact anyway?