Help For Light Sleepers

Sleeping Like A Baby

I don’t know about you, but my 10 month old son is a light sleeper.  All those things people say about making noise to teach your baby to sleep through anything never worked for us!  One little noise and he is wide awake.  He likes to sleep, but he needs the perfect atmosphere.  He will sleep 12 hours through the night, and take a nice two hour nap in the morning and a nice two hour nap in the afternoon.  But, there are some things I need to do for him to “sleep like a baby”.

Blackout Curtains – These really do the trick.  They make the room completely dark.  They add a little sound proofing to the room, and they look great.  These curtains really help fight drafts from coming in the window by adding a little extra insulation.

A Sound Machine – I knew I could never get one that played the sound of the ocean or birds chirping or anything like that.  Any change in pitch and my little guy is up looking around.  This sound machine is great, it makes white noise that sort of sounds like a fan.  You have the sound of the fan without the cold air blowing or the dust.  I turn it on high, and open the vents to the max so it can make as much noise as possible.

The first few nights with the sound machine I turned it on outside his door with his door closed.  I figured he could get used to it slowly.  Then I placed it on his dresser on low.  I have found the best way to keep him sleeping the deepest and for the longest amount of time is to keep it on his dresser on high.

For me it’s very important that my baby get the best sleep possible.  He is doing so much growing at this stage of his life.  It is also really nice to get those breaks during the day.  I’m so happy I have found these products, they have made our entire family happier.