Happy Mothers Day!

I really like Mothers Day.  It’s a good day to feel like Queen for the day.  I think I’m the frugal queen though.  Here is our plan for the day:

  • My husband and I are taking the baby swimming at the YMCA.  It’s his first time ever!
  • I got a coupon for a free panty at Victoria’s Secret so I’m going to cash in on that.
  • This weekend is free HBO and Cinemax weekend at DirecTV, so while baby naps hubby and I are going to laze around and watch movies.  I DVR’d a few too, so we should have a pretty good assortment to choose from.

How are you going to spend your Mothers Day?


Gerber’s I Pledge Promotion

Lately Gerber has really been stepping up and adding more ways to keep our babies healthy.  They now have a campaign called “I Pledge”.   Two of the thing that impressed me about this is the 24/7 access to feeding and nutrition experts, and how they promise to continually improve the nutrition of their products.


When you register and sign up to make a pledge for your own child you will receive a $5 Nestle Good Start Formula Coupon and a $3 coupon for Gerber baby foods and graduates.


It’s actually a really nice thing to do even if they didn’t offer the coupons.  You can upload up to five photo’s of your child along with your pledge.  You then design an online book and slide show highlighting your pledges.  My first pledge was “To always keep your tummy full and your diapers clean.”


If you would like to make a pledge and receive some nice money saving coupons you can check out “I Pledge” HERE.