Swine Flu VS. Swine Flu Vaccination While Pregnant

Oh the dreaded H1N1 also known as Swine Flu.  I managed to contract it at 19 weeks of pregnancy.  Let me tell you it was no picnic.  I flew to Belfast, Northern Ireland and I got it there.  I’m not blaming Northern Ireland, but the hotel is where I believe I contracted it.  The back ache was terrible, and that cough oh my!  I think what scared me the most was the rattling in my chest that I had from the secondary chest infection.  A lovely complication of my brush with Swine Flu.

It was so terrible because I was hearing all kinds of statistics, “One in 25 pregnant women die from Swine Flu.” I was so scared I was going to be that “one”.   I went to the ER twice, they really wouldn’t do anything for me because I am pregnant.  My OB understandably wouldn’t let me near his office.


I was terribly frightened.  My son who was 16 months old at the time, the day my symptoms started we had shared a water bottle along with a bowl of cereal with me.  He surprisingly never was infected with H1N1.  He is a completely unvaccinated child.  Coincidence?


About a week and a half into the swine flu, I developed the secondary chest infection.  When I would breathe, all you could hear was rattling.  I went to my family doctor, who was much more helpful than my OBGYN and he prescribed me antibiotics.  That cleared up the chest infection right away.  I felt secure with my family doctor since he was an “OB Gynie” as he puts it in the Philipines.


The swine flu (brace yourselves for this one) was not really all that bad!  What is worse is the H1N1 Vaccine.  The Vaccination is full of Thermosol.   The reason the vaccinations contain Thermosol is to keep it from getting contaminated from each injection.  Thermosol or no Thermosol the vaccination still is not proven safe for pregnant women.  Read the ominous warning label on the vaccine itself.


HERE is a link to Organic Health Magazine with many horror stories of women having miscarriages due to H1N1 Vaccination.  I never want anyone to blindly take my advice, I prefer you to research it for yourself.  But, I have had the Swine Flu while pregnant and I’m here to tell you it’s not that bad. What makes it bad is when you are first vaccinated and then contract it.  The reason for this is because the way vaccinations work is they infect you with a sickness or disease.  That infection compromises your otherwise healthy immune system while it is fighting the invasion.  If you contract something with your compromised immune system you are not as capable of fighting off the disease as you would have been had you not been vaccinated.


The most important thing we Mothers have in our lives is our children.  Please research all of your options fully.


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