This post is going to be extremely personal, but I feel it needs to be written.

I am completely against circumcision. I do not want my baby to be taken away from me within his first minutes of life, have his penis mutilated, and have pain inflicted on him. Welcome to the cold cruel world!

I understand that circumcision is a Jewish tradition.

I do not wish to insult anyone. I do however refrain from pork, shellfish, and do not mix any meat with milk. I fully respect my Jewish brothers and sisters, but I do not feel God intended our sons genitals to be mutilated.

Circumcision in the US was done to discourage masturbation and desensitize the penis.

I know some people in this country think that an uncircumcised penis is “ugly”. I find it to be the other way around. I don’t think a circumcised penis is ugly so much as I find it odd. Sexually, an uncircumcised penis creates less friction and is much more sensitive. I know it’s not right to go out and “test” the two types of penises to see which truly is better, so I would suggest doing some research on the Internet.

Here are some sites on circumcision to get you started:

There is no extra care for the uncircumcised member, it keeps itself clean, and it is a myth that your son will be more prone to disease. He will be perfect just as God intended him to be.

Whatever you choose for your son is ultimately your choice, but give him the benefit of some research and keep an open mind.

My son will be just like his father, intact. I’m sure his future wife will thank me for it just as I feel thankful to my mother-in-law for the gift she has given us.