One in Four US Teens has an STD

I know this site is about babies, but I cannot help but comment on the recent study that found one in four US teens has already been infected with an std. How gross!

There is much talk about how we need better sex education in schools, to teach children to use condoms when having sex to help this problem. Personally, I don’t want my child to learn about sex education at school. I want to teach my daughter myself. I will tell her things the school won’t. She has sex ed at school, but the education does not stop there!

I teach her things such as:

  • You can still get an std even with a condom – especially herpes
  • The only way to be 100% sure not to get pregnant or an std is to abstain from all types of sex
  • Condoms have an expiration date, if you use an expired condom you can still get pregnant and or an std (I got pregnant because of an expired condom)
  • You’re nobody’s b*tch so don’t let a boy talk you into his bed to throw you away later
  • Not everybody is doing it
  • There are other types of activities to do to stay busy instead of sexual activities…

Those are just a few things I would and do say. For those of us with babies, thankfully we don’t have to deal with that just yet with all of our children, but by the time we do the numbers will be higher for teens with sexually transmitted diseases and the children will probably become sexually active at a younger age.

I think the best way to protect your children is to not allow them to sleep over at anyone’s house. My daughter is 15 and she is not allowed to sleep over at a friends house, and no friends are allowed to sleep over at our house. A boy sleeping over would NEVER EVER be considered, unlike most of the other kids at school.

My daughter has had two boyfriends so far, and they both broke up with her because she wasn’t allowed to be with them 24/7, without parental supervision, and she wasn’t able to put out because her “parents are too strict”. After the boys broke up with her she told me the same thing both times, “they just wanted one thing”. Now she doesn’t want to have a boyfriend at all, just friends. They boys didn’t get what they wanted so they moved on to girls who would give it to them. You know the group, that one from the group of four. I point out to her that her friends with boyfriends and girlfriends are “boring” because they are busy trying to be adults playing house like they are married instead of enjoying their friends.

I’m not saying I am a perfect parent because I’m not, I am just offering alternatives to my child becoming sexually active and getting a disease.