Booty Caller – Modern Ovulation Predictor

BabyCenter will send alerts directly to your phone when you are ovulating.  How’s that for bringing technology into the bedroom?  You can get up to three messages per menstrual cycle.  It may also be a way to tell when to be extra careful to not get pregnant.  This is a free service you can try it out HERE!  Standard text messaging rates may apply.


Dollar Store Pregnancy Tests

$1 Pregnancy Test

For any of you out there wondering if the Dollar Tree $1 Pregnancy Tests are accurate, I have a friend who is a nurse and says they are very accurate.  I was on a forum, and one poster said, “If I take one $18 test, or 18 $1 tests, I think the 18 tests will be more accurate.”


If you are trying to conceive those tests can really add up each month why not buy them on the cheap?  You can buy a case of 72 for $72 on the website.


I used one of these tests to test if I was pregnant with my son.  It read positive, and I was indeed pregnant.  From what I have researched, you may be able to have a false negative, but it’s not likely that you will have a false positive reading.

Underarm Sensitivity From Deodorant While Pregnant

Being pregnant, I am subject to all kinds of new sensitivities. I have been meaning to get away from commercial deodorants because of the aluminum they contain. It was something I was feeling guilty about using even before I became pregnant.

I tried the deodorant stone, and other natural deodorants on the market. I even tried a deodorant from Lush.  They worked about three days until my body built up an immunity to them.  I don’t mind perspiration, I just don’t want to have an odor. The funny thing is, I don’t eat meat or really any animal products. No refined to minimal refined sugar and I still have an odor. Being pregnant with those raging hormones the odor was worse than ever. I was showering twice daily trying to get clean. I was only applying my commercial deodorant in the mornings, but this specific brand would last until the next morning. Which, you’d think would be a good thing right? Well, I started getting really itchy from it. At night before bed, it was the worst. This is really embarrassing to tell the world but when did that stop me before? I would take both my hands and scratch under my arms vigorously like a monkey. Ahhhh, some relief.

One night my husband caught me scratching my underarms in this way and said, “Oh sweetie, you are so funny and so cute trying to make me laugh by acting like a chimpanzee!”chimp armpit

I forced a laugh, and said, “I thought you would like that.” Only problem was, I wasn’t trying to be cute!

The next morning I did a search on the internet for “natural deodorants” I didn’t really come up with much. Then this idea popped into my head to use baking soda. I thought, well, it’s safe to brush your teeth right? There is no aluminum in baking soda, and people eat it in their food all the time. I wasn’t going to eat it, just apply it to my body. I searched the internet again, and saw many people raving about it’s use as a deodorant. I grabbed my trusty box of Arm & Hammer put a little water under each arm, put on a small amount of the baking soda under each arm it worked better than any deodorant I ever used! It’s been a few months now and my body has not built up a resistance to it. I have no odor, or annoying itching anymore.

Destination Maternity’s Expert Advice Area

If you are like myself, you have many questions about being a Mother. I just received an e-mail from Destination Maternity about their Expert Advice Panel.

Destination Maternity’s Expert Advice Area

We’ve put together a team of top experts on topics new moms need to know about… Labor and Anesthesia, Relationships, Work-Life Balance, Infant and Child Development, and more.

Here, you can read frequently asked questions or ask a new question of your own. You’ll even get an email back when our expert answers your question!”


It looks like a terrific resource for Pregnant Women, Expectant Fathers, Fathers and Mothers. You can check it out HERE.

Stretch Marks, What Your Mother May Not Have Told You

You don’t have to get horrible stretch marks just because you are having a baby.  Everyones skin is different of course.  But you can lessen the scars by taking care of your bodies largest organ, your skin.

stretch marks

What can you do to help prevent marks?

  • Don’t Scratch!  Scratching damages the skin, and creates the scars.  Please don’t rub a brush on your tummy either.  I know women who have done that during pregnancy, and it caused thick deep scars.
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! This cannot be stressed enough.  Layer on the moisturizer, cocoa butter, shea butter, mango butter, whatever you can daily throughout your pregnancy.  Dry skin is itchy skin, and you know what we want to do when we are itchy!
  • Eat lots of fresh raw fruits and vegetables.  Nourish your skin from the inside out.
  • Water, drink lots of pure filtered drinking water.  Hydrate your body and skin.

Take care of that dermis, and you can later be proud of your baby and your streak free belly.

Before you pack those bras away…

Bra Extenders

This is something that is a real back and money saver. During pregnancy, everything grows. In order not to have to continueously be buying new bras you can start out with a simple bra extender.

Bra Extenders are on the top of my list when it comes to must have items for pregnancy. They are available at Motherhood Maternity in black, white, and nude in two and three hook varieties.