Hypo Allergenic, Chlorine and Latex Free Diapers, Really!

Who does not want the piece of mind you get from a cloth diaper but the ease of a disposable diaper? I believe I found the solution in the eco friendly Company Seventh Generation.  Their motto “In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.” – From The Great Law Of The Iroquois Confederacy

Back when my son was two months old, (way back when eight months ago) I noticed his diapers always had a strong perfumy odor. They would also be very hot even after they were sitting around for awhile waiting to be disposed of. I couldn’t understand why they stayed so hot, and then I realized it was all of the chemicals in the diapers.


One day we were out running around, and it wasn’t convienent to change him right away, that day he developed a yeast infection. It’s not like I left him in a dirty diaper all day, I didn’t.  It was just pretty wet.  I decided at that moment that I would try and find a more natural diaper.  Cloth diapers are not for me I tried them with my daughter and with our lifestyle it was just too difficult.


With Seventh Generation Diapers my son’s dirty diapers smell like urine and not perfume. I really don’t mind that at all but rather prefer it to tell you the truth.  Baby urine is not that strong of an odor anyway.  In my opinion they hold about as much as any other diaper.  They remind me of almost a cloth diaper because they are more like paper than plastic, something that I know is much better for my baby’s skin.  Ever since we tried these chlorine free diapers my son has never had another issue with a yeast infection.  These diapers are also hypo allergenic and latex free which are two more reasons to use them.


Everything comes at a price. These are not the cheapest diapers in the world I will tell you that but there are ways around it.  I was buying the diapers at the grocery store for $13.99 for a pack of 35 diapers.  He’s a size three…  Being the money saving person that I am I started doing some research.  I found that Babies R Us carries them at the cheapest price of $11.99 not only that, but they always have some sort of sale going on for the Seventh Generation Products.  Right now the sale is $5 off $25 of Seventh Generation Products.  The Seventh Generation Website also has coupons available for their products where you can save additonal money.  I have a coupon right now for $2 off so I will be buying three packs of diapers @ $11.99 each = $35.97 – $7 = $28.97  I saved about $13 that way instead of buying them at the grocery store.


.Now I am saving money, using environmentally friendly diapers that are not harming my child but yet I still have the ease of a disposable diaper.  It doesn’t get much better than that!


Booty Caller – Modern Ovulation Predictor

BabyCenter will send alerts directly to your phone when you are ovulating.  How’s that for bringing technology into the bedroom?  You can get up to three messages per menstrual cycle.  It may also be a way to tell when to be extra careful to not get pregnant.  This is a free service you can try it out HERE!  Standard text messaging rates may apply.

Help For Light Sleepers

Sleeping Like A Baby

I don’t know about you, but my 10 month old son is a light sleeper.  All those things people say about making noise to teach your baby to sleep through anything never worked for us!  One little noise and he is wide awake.  He likes to sleep, but he needs the perfect atmosphere.  He will sleep 12 hours through the night, and take a nice two hour nap in the morning and a nice two hour nap in the afternoon.  But, there are some things I need to do for him to “sleep like a baby”.

Blackout Curtains – These really do the trick.  They make the room completely dark.  They add a little sound proofing to the room, and they look great.  These curtains really help fight drafts from coming in the window by adding a little extra insulation.

A Sound Machine – I knew I could never get one that played the sound of the ocean or birds chirping or anything like that.  Any change in pitch and my little guy is up looking around.  This sound machine is great, it makes white noise that sort of sounds like a fan.  You have the sound of the fan without the cold air blowing or the dust.  I turn it on high, and open the vents to the max so it can make as much noise as possible.

The first few nights with the sound machine I turned it on outside his door with his door closed.  I figured he could get used to it slowly.  Then I placed it on his dresser on low.  I have found the best way to keep him sleeping the deepest and for the longest amount of time is to keep it on his dresser on high.

For me it’s very important that my baby get the best sleep possible.  He is doing so much growing at this stage of his life.  It is also really nice to get those breaks during the day.  I’m so happy I have found these products, they have made our entire family happier.


A Baby Monitor For Your IPhone?

So you leave your IPhone next to the baby, and when a noise is made the phone dials a pre-programed number that you pick, to allow you to hear the sound.  Interesting concept, but I don’t think I would like to be away from my phone.  What if it rings and wakes the baby?  The video isn’t the best to let you know the quality.  But for $4.99, it’s worth a try…

Dollar Store Pregnancy Tests

$1 Pregnancy Test

For any of you out there wondering if the Dollar Tree $1 Pregnancy Tests are accurate, I have a friend who is a nurse and says they are very accurate.  I was on a forum, and one poster said, “If I take one $18 test, or 18 $1 tests, I think the 18 tests will be more accurate.”


If you are trying to conceive those tests can really add up each month why not buy them on the cheap?  You can buy a case of 72 for $72 on the website.


I used one of these tests to test if I was pregnant with my son.  It read positive, and I was indeed pregnant.  From what I have researched, you may be able to have a false negative, but it’s not likely that you will have a false positive reading.

Help For Babies with Colic

I badly neglected this blog.  Why?  Because my son was plagued with colic.   

At six weeks he stopped taking naps, and the only way he would not cry in pain was if I took him out in the sling or baby bjorn and walked for hours around the neighborhood.  I was running on four hours of sleep per night for months.  Then I tried acidophilis and he SLEPT.  Not only did he sleep, but he slept GREAT.  He is six months old now, and I don’t need to give him as much acidopilis, but it turns out he’s a great sleeper and a happy baby.  He sleeps twelve hours straight at night, and naps three to five hours during the day.  The second biggest benefit to all of this is I feel like a human being again.  The first benefit is that my son is happy and feeling good. 

Acidophilis is also known as Lactobacillus acidophilus.  It is a probiotic that has good bacteria to help with intestinal digestion.  I use a liquid brand that is not even formulated exclusively for babies.  There is a formulation for babies, but I never used it.  My son sucks the acidophilis down and cries for more.  I just follow the instructions on the bottle and give him “the recommended amount for children under two years of age”.

When I spoke to my baby’s doctor about him not taking naps (imagine a new born sleeping a total of seven hours a day) she told me “Some babies just don’t need naps. . This from a pediatrician!  I was so frustrated by this explanation.  Of course he needed naps.  He was miserable and growing at an astounding rate.  How can a human being function and grow without enough sleep?  I set out to find the answer on my own.  Bedraggled and exhausted, I had no one to help me with this screaming child other than my husband when he would come home from his ten hour work day.   I was on my own with the night time feedings, I do most of my work from home so I had no one to help me there either.  I would wake up at 4:30 each morning to get my work done before the baby woke up at 6:30.  What a mess, I couldn’t even remember my name.  I’m so glad that is over now, and the payback of a sleeping baby that I have now is priceless.

Another natural remedy that I tried was Gripe Water.  The gripe water is a formulation of dill, fennel, ginger, chamomile, and others.  The Gripe Water did help, but mostly it was best for my sons gas.  He definitely got relief from the gripe water, but he would usually vomit a lot of phlegm afterward.  I still use the gripe water occasionally when he has gas and it works great, but it does not relieve him to the point where he can relax and go to sleep like the acidophilis.

Maybe I should have named this post, “Who knew I had a wonderful baby?  Thank you acidophilis.”

Why is Pregnancy Such a Bad Thing?

I am currently nine months pregnant. OK, pregnancy is difficult, but I love it! I can hardly wait to see my baby. The problem I am having however is that my joy and excitement is often quelled by the dirty looks I receive from people. Yesterday my husband was taking me for a walk, trying to get my labor moving and an older couple drive by us, I go to smile and the woman looks at me like I am filthy. This happens each time I am out in public.

I am in the best relationship of my life, married to the man of my dreams and at the end of a planned pregnancy. When I told people I was pregnant, even my family they said “Are you happy about it? I didn’t know if I should say congratulations or not.” What! It is a planned pregnancy, and even if it was not planned, it’s a baby what is not to be happy about? I think congratulations should always be in order. This pregnancy was a second attempt after a very disappointing miscarriage so it is an especially happy time for us.

The funny thing is, I am in my mid thirties, over the moon happy about the pending birth of my child and I get treated like a teenage unwed mother. Even if I were a teenage unwed mother, why look at a woman like she is dirty for bringing a child into this world? Babies are innocent and pregnancy is a beautiful thing. Of course in a perfect world teenagers would abstain from sex, but we all know our world isn’t perfect.  Why would anyone want to place undue stress on a pregnant woman when it’s after the fact anyway?